Practice Benefits

Transform was created by Pharmacy Solutions for medical providers to offer safe and effective weight loss solutions for patients. Transform uses science and clinical data combined with comprehensive patient analysis to create a customized dosing protocol unique to each patient.

Transform is dedicated to helping providers understand the science and history of medical weight loss, the variables and contributing factors of increasing body weight, weight loss medications and their role in the body, and protocols to create positive patient outcomes.

Components of Transform

Training/Education – Transform providers are provided with a 6-module educational program that will give an understanding of medical weight loss and how to safely treat patients using weight loss medications.

  • Module 1 – Baseline Knowledge and Epidemiology medical weight loss
  • Module 2 – The Patient Assessment
  • Module 3 – The Pharmacology of Medical Weight loss drugs
  • Module 4 – Therapeutics of Weight Loss
  • Module 5 – Clinical Aspects – Overcoming obstacles, creating patient success and clinical pearls for the provider
  • Module 6 – The role of supplementation with medical weight loss

Dosage Calculator – Transform providers will have secure access to a customized dosing calculator. This dosing tool uses a 2-step process to gather patient information regarding lifestyle and behavior, sleep patterns, stress factors, and hormone influence to identify the initial criteria for the patient. The provider can use this information with other important clinical data, medical history, current medications and more to further identify needs and areas if and where medications may be helpful. An individualized and customized dose will be recommended for each patient based on the criteria.

Transform Supplementation Guide – Transform will provide science and data on the importance of nutritional supplementation and weight loss. The Transform dosing calculator will make recommendations for supplements that will benefit the patient and their success with weight loss. Transform provides pharmaceutical grade supplements to offer the patient to ensure patient success. The Provider Select program within Transform will allow the provider the opportunity to take care of the patient and increase the success of the practice.

Business Development and Marketing Support – Transform is committed to ensuring the success of the providers and the patients both.  The Provider Portal will host a number of practice tolls including patient handouts, educational blogs, marketing tools including FAQ’s, patient brochures and more. Each new Transform provider will receive patient brochures and FAQ’s as part of the opening order.

Grow Your Practice with Transform!

Bring safe and effective medical weight loss to your patients with Transform. Increase patient retention and grow your practice!

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