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Transform was created by Pharmacy Solutions for medical providers to offer safe and effective weight loss solutions for patients. Transform uses science and clinical data combined with comprehensive patient analysis to create a customized dosing protocol unique to each patient.

Transform is dedicated to helping providers understand the science and history of medical weight loss, the variables and contributing factors of increasing body weight, weight loss medications and their role in the body, and protocols to create positive patient outcomes.

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Transform Medical Weight Loss FAQ For Providers

What is Transform Medical Weight Loss (Transform)?

Transform is a medical weight loss program based on science and clinical data. Transform provides the tools and education necessary to identify the root causes of unhealthy weight in patients. Transform is designed to help providers implement medical weight loss safely and effectively using compounded medical weight loss formulas.

How is Transform different from other weight loss programs?

Transform defines the root cause of unhealthy weight gain considering 5 essential pillars of health. Sleep, adrenal function, hormone balance, behavior and nutrition are all influencers and assessed in the Transform program. By identifying the root causes, our dosage calculator will recommend a safe and effective dose and program that is individualized for each patient.

Is Training included with the Transform Program?

Yes! Transform is a comprehensive program that includes 4 hours of training and education. The training will include an in-depth overview medical weight loss science and clinical data. Transform training will provide 4 modules including the baseline considerations for patients, the contributing factors and their correlation to body weight, the pharmacology of weight loss medications, and the detailed therapeutics and outcomes for patients.

Do I have to stock nutraceutical/supplements and meal replacement options?

Transform will recommend nutraceuticals and supplementation to ensure the best possible outcome; therefore, it is recommended you have a small stock on hand. With Transform, stocking a new line of pharmaceutical grade supplements is optional. Pharmaceutical grade supplements may be purchased in bulk through Pharmacy Solutions and carried in provider offices OR providers can refer to the online purchase option through Pharmacy Solutions if they do not wish to carry a stock supply.

What is the cost for a provider to sign up Transform?

The Transform Program provides a number of tools with options on how to get started. One of our Marketing team members will be happy to discuss your practice needs and the best way to get started.

What is a patient’s cost for Transform?

Transform is designed to create a very individualized program for each patient; therefore, the price can vary. Factors such as insurance, labs, and individual goals can determine the cost of the program. The Market Development Team will work with each individual practice to help set the appropriate protocols, pricing recommendations.

What does the Transform program include?

Transform offers a comprehensive program with the tools necessary to implement medical weight loss safely and effectively. The program will include the following components:

Training and Education – 4-hours of education on the science behind medical weight loss. Practitioners will gain an understanding of the baseline considerations for patients, the contributing factors and their correlation to body weight, the pharmacology of weight loss medications, and the detailed therapeutics and outcomes for patients.

Dosage Calculator and Provider Portal – Providers will have password-protected access to the provider portal for use of the dosage calculator, provider forms, marketing tools, and patient education and forms.

Marketing Support – Transform will provide the opening order of Patient Brochures, Frequently Asked Questions, and Patient handouts. Additional marketing tools and patient education can be downloaded from the provider portal for on-going use.

On-Going Support and Troubleshooting – Transform offers on-going dosing support and troubleshooting. We understand that each patient is unique. Pharmacists are available to assist you with your dosing questions and concerns.

Where is training held?

Training is offered via an online and on-demand program therefore, it can be done at the provider’s convenience. Training takes approximately 4 hours to complete (4) modules and can be accessed again as needed. The training is proprietary, therefore, Transform providers will be given access to the training via unique login credentials upon completion Transform on-boarding and payment.

Do labs need to be done? If so, which ones and how often?

Transform dosing calculator will require initial labs for each patient in order to make a dosage recommendation. Follow-up labs are dependent on each individual patient and may or may not be required. Transform training and education modules will provide detailed information on which labs are necessary and their role in the treatment recommendations.

How do I know what to prescribe?

Transform training will provide the education and tools to safely and effectively recommend an individualized protocol for each patient. The training provides an in-depth understanding of the medical weight loss drugs, the pharmacology of these drugs, and empower you to prescribe them safely and effectively for the patients.

How will Transform benefit my practice?

Transform was created as a tool for providers to implement Medical weight loss into the practice safely and effectively, creating positive patient outcomes. Implementing Transform Medical Weight Loss can help your practice to create successful outcomes, increasing patient retention and the overall growth.

How will patients find my Transform practice?

Transform providers can be found in the provider locator on the Transform website. In addition to the provider locator, practices can increase their visibility by using the Transform name on the practice website and through social media support with the Transform program.

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